The first episode of the Tragic Sans Press podcast. The entire theme and point and plan for the podcast will be explained at greater length in a regular blog post, and it’s discussed in the podcast itself.

The first several episodes will be readings of my stories, eventually focusing on the novel, SINGULARITY DEFERRED — provided as a sample for those who might want to buy it, or at this point, contribute to the Kickstarter. ( at this moment it’s not live, so you will need to search the Kickstarter site for it, or see a recent blog post on

Eventually, the podcast will feature other authors and their works, with guest hosts, and move to focus on the critical theory discussions of scifi, fantasy, and genre fiction.

This first episode features the story, “A Price in Every Box,” which is available in the book: FIRST HAND OF THE NIGHT: A COLLECTION OF FIVE EARLY STORIES. (

Hope you enjoy!

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“Cybernetic -Feat Zefora” (Stizreth) / CC BY 3.0

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“Divider” by Chris Zabriskie

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