Kickstarter logo owned by kickstarter.comWell, the Kickstarter project to publish my novel, Singularity Deferred, is nearly over, but it’s far from successful. Despite the contribution of some very generous people, it doesn’t look like it’s going to reach the goal. The various places I planned on promoting the project hadn’t turned out quite the way I’d hoped. For example, just as I sent my promotional material to Dragon Page: Cover to Cover, they decided to stop putting out episodes.

However, I have one last hope: a favorite author of mine, John Scalzi, is actually allowing people to promote their Kickstarter in a special thread every Wednesday! I’ve set up an alarm to remind myself to post there promptly the next two weeks before the Kickstarter ends.

Some significant changes coming in my day job very shortly. We’ll see how that affects my writin’ n’ publishin’ work shortly.

And finally, in update news, my cold’s just about subdued enough to be a non-issue. I plan on recording chapter 6 tomorrow evening. Then, look for the official beginning of the novel draft¬†exercise¬†I mentioned last week.



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