From here you can check out the various fiction works I have available. The pages linked will provide you with more detailed information along with links for where you can get these stories

Available in print and ebook

Singularity Deferred
A 108,000-word space opera sci-fi novel involving faster-than-light travel, action and mystery, political drama, and a bit of romance.

Well, heres another book I read from start to finish, without stopping.” – Smashwords review

Brilliant new universe, some hard science, a bit too much politics and some nicely drawn characters. Highly recommended. Cant wait for book two” – Amazon review

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First Hand of the Night: A Collection of Five Early Stories
A collection of SF, fantasy, weird, and urban fantasy stories — a couple previously published, and a few new ones.

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Individual Stories

“Blood Sacrifice? There’s an App For That”
Alisson knew something was different when the sacrificial knife killed her this time. A professional blood sacrifice’s existence is rarely dull, but this latest job would change her life.
First published in the Northwest Independent Writers Association 2017 Anthology, and available individually from these vendors:

cover“For Whom the Tinker Toils”
Jon is a simple metalsmith and handyman from a small village — until he comes across two mechanized suits of armor their recently deceased owners no longer need. Then his life changes unexpectedly.
Not yet found in any collection!
Great little story, really pulls you in and makes you wonder about this world that Jon lives in.” – Smashwords review

“Detuned Radio”
212587686e71f75c6a939d0259b8f1ceef497921-thumbA dark tale following a day in the life, inside the deteriorating mind, of a man becoming a living dead. This 3,000-word story is also found in the collection: First Hand of the Night.
A bit of an oddity this one, but in a good way, a fresh and imaginative take on a well-established genre. It’s giving me suspicions about some of the people I work with!” – Smashwords review

“At Least There’s No Traffic”
This short story barrels through the humorously surreal as we see what happens when a battle-lord Wil Wheaton must go to arms against a monstrous John Scalzi. An absurd story collected in First Hand of the Night, and offered for free to download. Available by itself from the vendors found here:

Wonderfully bizarre” – Barnes and Noble review

sword-remembers-cover“The Sword Remembers”
When a stranger from a modern land surprises Sarah and her adventuring companions mid-fight with a wizard, everyone gets more than they bargained for. Can he find his way back home? Can she find a way to deal with him? This 9,000-word story is also found in the collection: First Hand of the Night. Available by itself from:

cover-image“The End of the Beginning”
We’re taken along with the first time traveler to the very end of the universe. Getting stuck there isn’t the only surprise he encounters. This 5,000 word story was originally published in M-BRANE SF magazine. It can be found in the collection, First Hand of the NightAvailable by itself from these vendors:

“A Price in Every Box”

This story looks at what happens when Pandora finally finds what she released centuries ago, and locks him away in a suitcase. Can the world handle life without evil?
Available in First Hand of the Night; originally published in Moon City Review 2009.

Available by itself from these vendors:


711OotWPNmLFor Confederate Girlhoods: A Women’s History of Early Springfield, Missouri, I assisted in the editing of original source material, and I researched for and wrote a tiny chapter that’s included.

71qvraiL2LAnd for Moon City Review 2010: An Annual of Poetry, Story, Art, and Criticism, I wrote the first essay introducing the theme of the collection and presenting a (much too) brief look at the life and ideology of the man the collection pays tribute to, the late Dr. William Burling.