Finished up Netflix’s “Love Death & Robots” last night, and I am so sad to be done with it! It was phenomenal! Sure, some low points like the awkward uncanny valley and bad lip syncing of “Beyond the Aquila Rift,” the ridiculous and unbelievable ending of the otherwise very well-done and promising “Shape-Shifters,” but otherwise, what an amazing collection! All three based on John Scalzi stories were hilarious and so well done, “Suits” and “Zima Blue” just about had me crying…

I’ve seen some articles comparing “LD&R” to “Black Mirror.” Uh, that’s kind of a stretch. OK, they’re both anthology series, and both are SF, but that’s where the similarity ends. Sure, while ALL scifi is actually about the here and now, about critiquing our current culture or events, “Black Mirror” has a very specific “Twilight Zone-esque” focus on the estrangement of technology and human empathy, of almost didactic themes of how much technology fetishism threatens our humanity (and, in rare occasions like “San Junipero,” how it can help bring us together! If in a bitter-sweet way).

Whereas “LD&R” is absolutely more in the vein of “Heavy Metal” (the magazine), which is more eclectic and less cynical, more celebratory or pulp, and focused on the art of the medium.

Anyway, great stuff!


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