Tragic Sans Press is pleased to announce the beginning of a new podcast!

At the time of this writing, there are only a few episodes released, and the tone and feel of the show will change over time. The first two shows feature short stories read by author and host, Liam R.W. Doyle. Then, he begins reading his novel, Singularity Deferred, for the next 8 or 10 episodes. After that, the novel will be published for free, in its entirety, over on Podiobooks. And the Tragic Sans Podcast will evolved into a a show geared to reading a variety of works and having discussions with authors and essayists, generally on the topic of scifi and fantasy from a literary criticism approach — although, the actual topics discussed will probably fly through countless tangents along the way.

To listen to the podcast, use this link to view just the podcast posts:

Or, subscribe to the podcast using your favorite RSS aggregator/podcast player using this link:

Give it a listen for a few episodes, leave some feedback, and stick around for some exciting things to come!