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Reports of print’s death are exaggerated

Okay, I never actually said print was dead, did I? Well, I did clarify, at least, yeah? So, to cease to dissemble, the big news is this:

My books are not in actual dead tree paper print! I’ve been spending the last… goodly amount of time in editing, formatting, proofing, cover creation, and the end results can be sent to your grubby but discerning and generous hands!

Singularity_Deferred_Cover_for_KindleSingularity Deferred: Amazon and Barnes and Noble

First Hand of the Night: Amazon

I’ll soon be hawking my wares to local bookstores friendly to local independent authors.

This is the next big benchmark of both my career as an independent author and as a hopeful publisher. Some inside baseball: My goals have been to fully grok ebook creation and distribution. Then, research, understand, and delve into the vagaries of print publishing my own works. I feel I should do at least one, maybe two, more works of my own before I feel competent in that regard. The next stage from there is to publish another’s work.

Then I have some choices to make regarding where to go from there. Do I want to continue solely publishing my own work and the occasional compatriot? Or do I want to expand and actually become a publisher legit, and pay proper fees and royalties to authors to publish? It’s one of my dreams, but how much might that take from my greatest goal and dream of “simply” being a writer? I’ve said before how Jason Sizemore and his Apex Publishing is a model for me, and in many ways still is. But, how far do I want to go down that road? I still have a lot of thinking to do.

In the meantime, buy my stuff? *cheesy grin* Spread the word? Meantime, I’m still working on that novel sequel, quit bugging me!


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Print is still dead, sorta

Wow, has it really been nearly 3 years since I first wrote about Apex Publishing along with my opinion on consuming short fiction? In that post, Print is Dead, I opine that paper as the means of consuming short fiction was terminal, if not dead already. I still feel that way; nothing has changed on that front.

As I said then, there are still some holdouts in the magazine business, publications that have a name to bank on. Though, I do wonder if nostalgia, or even some ironic hipsterism, may lead to a rejuvenation of print anthologies of short stories and novellas….  I doubt it. Even if there is a small rise in print, it will be niche and short-lived.

But here is the point of my returning to the topic: 10 years ago Apex Publishing began as a small project by a guy with an idea and a dream. Well, so I assume — his memoir isn’t out yet. But in his latest blog post, Apex owner John Sizemore describes that modest beginning:

Although I started the publication for the simple goal of channeling my creativity, it didn’t take long for me to realize something else. I would rather be editing, publishing, and writing than doing software development.

Since my original blog post, Apex has significantly exploded their print business for long fiction, while still breaking waves and doing amazing with their e-magazine for short fiction. And really, that’s just incredible and, to be honest, quite envious. As it happens, Apex as a business, and Sizemore as a publisher and editor and entrepreneur, are my models. Now that I’m beginning to solidify vision for Tragic Sans Press, he’s done exactly what I want to be doing, but in our own genre niche.

I love Apex (I have the t-shirt!), and respect the heck out of Sizemore. I congratulate them on the last 10 years and wish them decades more success!

Now, back to work making my own dreams come true…


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Awake! And now fidgety.

First, a quick (ha!) meta post, followed by a post about my anticipation and apprehension of the coming “Hunger Games” film.

So, for years now, I’ve come home from work at my day job and have wanted to just melt into the couch. My brains were just too fuzzy and my body too exhausted to do anything constructive. Make dinner for the family, watch mindless TV, and go to bed while wishing I had the energy to work on one of my many projects. (See Update the nth on what they are.) I don’t even blog much because the most I feel like doing is “sharing” links on Facebook. Blogging about the articles when I got home from work was just too much to think about.

Well, finally, my wife pushed me into doing a sleep study. Guess what? Sleep apnea. I got to see my lab charts the other day: During my “normal sleep” I encountered no REMs, my heart rate never went down, and while I don’t remember actually waking up, the doc says my mind was waking up repeatedly each hour. Sheesh! No wonder I constantly felt like pre-Durden Edward Norton in “Fight’s Club” all the time. I could easily see on the charts after the CPAP (forced air mask) was put on, my heart rate radically drop, my brain waves change, and 3 REMs!

It’s taken me some days of making sure my CPAP is fit right and whatnot, but these last few days I’ve had so much more energy! I can finally read again without falling asleep after one paragraph, and in two days I’ve almost completed my Kickstarter project to publish my new novel. And, I feel like blogging. Lucky you, eh? 🙂


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