First, a quick (ha!) meta post, followed by a post about my anticipation and apprehension of the coming “Hunger Games” film.

So, for years now, I’ve come home from work at my day job and have wanted to just melt into the couch. My brains were just too fuzzy and my body too exhausted to do anything constructive. Make dinner for the family, watch mindless TV, and go to bed while wishing I had the energy to work on one of my many projects. (See Update the nth on what they are.) I don’t even blog much because the most I feel like doing is “sharing” links on Facebook. Blogging about the articles when I got home from work was just too much to think about.

Well, finally, my wife pushed me into doing a sleep study. Guess what? Sleep apnea. I got to see my lab charts the other day: During my “normal sleep” I encountered no REMs, my heart rate never went down, and while I don’t remember actually waking up, the doc says my mind was waking up repeatedly each hour. Sheesh! No wonder I constantly felt like pre-Durden Edward Norton in “Fight’s Club” all the time. I could easily see on the charts after the CPAP (forced air mask) was put on, my heart rate radically drop, my brain waves change, and 3 REMs!

It’s taken me some days of making sure my CPAP is fit right and whatnot, but these last few days I’ve had so much more energy! I can finally read again without falling asleep after one paragraph, and in two days I’ve almost completed my Kickstarter project to publish my new novel. And, I feel like blogging. Lucky you, eh? 🙂


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