Ugh, so frustrating! It’s been three weeks since I submitted Singularity Deferred to the various ebook distributors. Smashwords put it up pretty quickly, and so did Amazon. (Helps when you’re as meticulous as I was getting the formatting exactly right, I suspect.) But the others, Barnes and Noble, Sony, iTunes, are really dragging their heels. (Even Kobo has it up now.)

Thing is, I’ve been waiting to really promote the novel until it’s available from all locations. I mean, it’s kind of self-defeating if you promote andĀ advertiseĀ “available where ebooks are sold,” and everyone with a Nook, or a Sony…whatever, or an iPhone/iPad who tries to get it can’t find it. What chance is there of them coming back a week or two later to check if it’s available? Slim? Meet None.

*sigh* It’s just frustrating, is all.


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